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Rome, the iron lady: a unique story of passion and tenacity

 Rome, the iron lady: a unique story of passion and tenacity

Marta Ugolini profession is already considered impossible by many males.

Her job is not one that a girl can dream of as a child. Other than princesses, other than models or actresses or teachers. Her life is marked by dedication, professionalism and competence. She is an extraordinary woman who believes in the future and builds it every day, with courage, tenacity and passion.

This is the story with a capital “S” of Marta Ugolini, 46, the first woman of the Italian capital, artist and designer of iron. “Iron does not accept fragile hands but bends to determination. The welding must be listened to, by the sound you can understand if it is done well. The blacksmith is a race apart, for head and strength ” says Marta.  At 40, she started her life from scratch to chase a dream. With determination and courage, she leaves the company where she worked to devote herself completely to the creation of works of art made of iron. Dedicating herself to the welding of iron, Marta has an extraordinary ability to make it through objects of furniture, design and art made of an apparently hostile element, precisely iron, but from which the designer has succeeded in bringing out the potential in the forms and femininity in the style.

Marta’s ‘scraps’ are extraordinary, steel shovels adapted to chairs with gentle curves designed for an industrial living space or for more refined furnishings, even in gardens. The scrap iron comes to life in bookcases and tables she created because Marta is particularly concerned with the requalification of materials. “I work with a material that is forged only with determination” – she says – “Iron is versatile, but only if you know how to manage it”.

Marta Ugolini, a new Persephone, has no doubts in choosing metals to work and prefer steel to express herself. Her shapes are a rational synthesis where the sharpness of the corners does not evoke feminine curves. And yet, the sculptures and functional objects she creates have a strong and complete femininity within them.

The story of Marta is another testimony of the female dimension which today represents a formidable engine of economic growth, an extraordinary lever of social and political change around the world to face the new global challenges.

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