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Onyx Solar

 Onyx Solar

Onyx Solar is a technology company founded in 2009 in Avila, Spain that manufactures photovoltaic glass for buildings. Its glass allows buildings to generate clean and free energy thanks to the sun. What’s more, it also provides thermal insulation.
Onyx’s photovoltaic glass was already installed into skyscrapers in Singapore, convention centers in Canada, tourist attractions in Dubai, railway stations in the US, hospitals in Norway, banks in Kenya, embassies in Indonesia, shopping malls in Mexico or universities and colleges in Australia.

The world’s leading companies in their industries such as Apple, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Novartis, Pfizer, Heineken, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and other renowned multinationals already benefit from the energy generated by photovoltaic glass integrated into their buildings. Among Onyx’s clients there are also prestigious institutions such as the Edmonton City Council, a global reference for its effort to combat climate change; the US National Nuclear Security Agency; and the US embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia.

During these years, Onyx Solar also worked closely with leading architecture and construction firms such as Normal Fosters, Gensler, Perkins + Wills, SOM, Skanska, ACS, and Turner, among others.

Lastly, Onyx Solar has won more than 80 international awards, making Onyx Solar the most awarded company in the photovoltaic sector and consolidating its global leadership. In 2019, the European Commission awarded Onyx Solar as the “European Champion in Innovation”.

For more information:  www.onyxsolar.com

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