Media Production & Broadcast services

News contents production (texts, images, videos) in Arabic, English, French, Italian

EANMS online platform connects freelancers with broadcasters in the European and Arab countries to creates opportunities for media organisations as well as public and private companies to access and publish exclusive news contents in multiple formats: texts, photos, videos, and socials.

1.News content/media reportage:

We offer coverage of major events providing exclusive written and audiovisual contents, and proposing story pitches to produce video-news. Our central editorial desk selects, verifies, and reviews all contents that are later delivered to the clients.

We do that by deploying our network members from editors and journalists to cameramans and producers, on the field. We package agreed and exclusive contents to be immediately delivered to our clients. We release various formats according to the needs of the client.

2. Documentary and tv-program production

Our multilangual speaking crew works under international guidelines to match the major broadcasters criteria. We provide multilingual field producers and journalists with deep know-how of the international news-desk workflow, bilingual local fixers, translators and drivers.

We do that through multiple steps: defining the documentary idea; researching and developing the story; writing a compelling synopsis; developing the treatment; developing a detailed production plan; creating a marketing and a distribution plan.

We work on stories that have significant international broadcasting value, which have either been commissioned by the client, or proposed by us through our own pitches.

Original languages of final production: English, Arabic, French, Italian

Editors are invited to flag us any event they would need coverage or enquire us for any specific stories that would like to be developed, our desk will work at the production of the assignment and plan field coverage by calling-out our network of local freelancers.

3. Your website in Arabic language

Your online thematic news service in Arabic is your window on the Arab World!

We offer tailored thematic news content services in arabic language for your digital media/ company/ website with permanent updates according to your needs. The news content can be published on your website or distributed to your subscribers through your digital platform. For Italian digital media and organisations we can publish contents under our editorial responsibility (granted by the court of Rome since 2016).

How does it work:

We need first to define with the client the categories, number, length and frequency of the news/contents requested in Arabic. The production is ensured by our Arab editors who subsequently send the content to our central desk in London to veify and publish it directly on the client’s website or digital platforms.

You will no longer need to hire Arabic-speaking editors, translators or journalists. You will receive a final service with just one click!

You can contact us at our production desk every time you want to suggest your interest on specific needs.