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What is the European-Arab Region? And What are the challenges for girls and women?

Development trends In-depth

The new pact on migration: a progress or a regress?

The Commission welcomed the result of the European Parliament's vote, endorsing the political agreement on the Pact on Migration and Asylum. It also explains that a key element of the Pact is that Member States facing sudden migratory pressure will not be left on their own. Countries under pressure will be able to request support from the EU and other Member States, that will contribute through migrant relocations, transfers, financial contributions, or deployment of support staff. The Pact will

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Studies Women's Empowerment

How does the interrelation between economy and culture impact gender

More than a decade has passed since Ester Boserup's book, Woman's in Economic Development, was published. Probably no single work on the subject of women and development has been quoted as often. At the outset, development discourses were gender-neutral; therefore, the approach was essentially gender-blind (Watson, 1999; Karl, 1995). It was assumed that women’s contribution to economic growth is inexistent and that they (women) are only a passive target. Boserup’s work on Woman’s Role in Economic Development,

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Media Development

EU Development Cooperation in MENA, Mainstreaming Gender In Media Development

"EU Development Cooperation in MENA - Mainstreaming Gender In Media Development-Case study: Tunisia" is a recent study conducted by the journalist and academic researcher Nabila Zayati, in the framework of the master programme Communication for Development, at Malmo University in Sweden. Zayati asserts that " Placing gender strategies at the forefront of media development interventions has become a priority for most foreign aid assistance programs in the Global South, as international funds have put women’s empowerment and

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